Beat the Manager: Week 25 review

There was one Stokie who could find a crumb of comfort in Ryan Shawcross's late winner being ruled out for Stoke as he picked up 25 points for correctly predicting the 1-1 scoreline.

There were 9 prediction overall and 3 more predicted a draw but not the right score.

The one correct prediction created a new leader as Knoweyedeer shot up from 4th to the summit, being the first to crack the 200 point barrier in the process.

It was all change in the top four as leaders The Cumbrian Select dropped to 2nd and Goatface dropped from 4th to 2nd, with Peckham Pouncers staying in third after rising above Goatface but being overtaken by Knoweyedeer.

One more change was Buxton's Picks rising above the Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers into 7th position.

As the seasons ends towards its finish one game could ee any of the top four go top whilst two correct predictions would see the next four come right into the frame aswell.