Beat the Manager: Week 24 review

Tuncay secured a late point for Stoke at the DW, and that was good news for some as Goatface and Knoweyedeer buth picked up maximum points for correctly predicting the right score. Both moved up the league with Goatface now 2nd and Knoweyedeer now sat in 4th.

Heerwheege Whammers and PENN UNITED both predicted draws and those points were enough to move them up the table to 6th and 9th respectively.

There were six other predictions but they were all for either a home or away victory.

Leaders The Cumbrian Select have a 14 point lead at the top there is a pack developing below as Goatface, Peckham Pouncers and Knoweyedeer are seperated by just two points in the race for second.