Sponsors end investment due to club politics

Last updated : 20 January 2005 By Rob Stanway
Image: Rob Stanway, Stoke City MAD

The Managing Director of the firm has issued a letter to the chairman explaining why he intends on ending the sponsorship. It includes:

"You are aware fans can take good and bad results and have done for decades, but you appear unaware they too have an investment in the club and are entitled to some honest answers rather than the politics that are being allowed to undermine the club's potential.

"We have undertaken the training development of thousands of young people in the city and took the decision on sponsorship of the club based on the assumption it would be run in a reasonably decent manner based on value for money and honest communication.

"The latter is missing and if the club is determined to continue this path of misinformation, we do not wish to associate with it."