South Car Park Woes No More!

Last updated : 16 January 2002 By Rob Stanway
Stanley Matthews Way
Stanley Matthews Way Leading to South Car Park (Left)

The road had been a 2 way public road since the opening of the factory on the side of Stanley Matthews Way. A deal has been made between Jonathan Fuller and the industry (which requires 24 hour access to its plant) to allow supporters to use both lanes for quick exit after matchday until the end of this season.

The move comes as a great relief to supporters who park on the South Car Park like myself, who often have to wait over an hour to get onto Stanley Matthews Way, before the slow journey to the Trentham exit.

Says City's Chief Executive Jonathan Fuller told the Official Web-Site: “Following constructive talks with HW Plastics they have agreed to allow both carriageways to be used by football traffic leaving the stadium along Sir Stanley Matthews Way after matches.