Sheffield Utd and Wigan have bidded for Ade Akinbiyi

Last updated : 20 January 2005 By Rob Stanway
Ade's View from

There are a lot of rumours going around at the moment about my future at Stoke City and its time I set the record straight in my own words and I myself asked for the truth from the Club.

Quite a few months ago I approached the club and asked for my contract to be renewed here. I was quite hurt that they had not approached me but it didn’t matter what was important was that a long time ago I had decided that I would love to see out my career here. Someone once said that they thought I had found my “spiritual home here at Stoke City” and they were right, that exactly how it feels.

I was made to feel welcome here and had been given a chance and I hope that my wish to stay shows every time I step onto that pitch and play for this team.

I have waited patiently and quietly for months and months, being told to wait for a meeting, which turns into another meeting about another meeting, and so it goes on….. I ask someone who says its another person’s decision and I have found myself being passed from pillar to post and wondering if a contract will ever be forthcoming from Stoke City.

Such are the mechanics of the professional world of football…
Two clubs, Sheffield United and Wigan have both placed bids for me this week directly to the club and this has been confirmed to me by the legal agent acting on my behalf.

Needless to say I had hoped this week that a new contract for Stoke City would be produced but have been told once again to wait for another meeting – this time on Friday now that the Chairman is over here. I can do no more to express my desire to stay here than the dedication that people see on the field and the patience I have used up in the last few months waiting to hear a decision on my future here … believe me I am not the most patient person I the world!
I know I am not the only person waiting to clarify my future here but for all of us and above all that includes the supporters, we really deserve to know where this club is heading and where we stand once and for all ………