Pulis in iceland for finance (and contract?) meeting

Last updated : 10 January 2005 By Rob Stanway
Pulis heads to Iceland having still not signed a contract and nobody at the football club seems to know the hold-up. Pulis assured fans that there was no problem, a deal had been reached and it was simply in the hands of the solicitor making a draft of a clause. However, the announcement to the crowd that Tony had signed up was before the Crewe game on the 13th November.

Nearly two months have passed and there is still no news.

Pulis wanted to concentrate on his budget ahead of the meeting and he told the sentinel: "This club is big enough to one day attract crowds of 25-26,000 people, but only if we start bringing in quality players,"

"I will nick a few players along the way like Lewis Buxton, but you can't nick experienced quality. It costs."