Pennant keen to stay at Stoke

There have been rumours that the winger would move on in this transfer window but he is adamant he is in no rush to leave.

"I'm in no rush to be going anywhere. I've not asked to leave and the club has not given a signal they want me to leave," said Pennant.

"As soon as the transfer window is over then I won't have to answer these questions any more, and everyone will know I'll be here.

"It's frustrating for any player. You always want to start and play 90 minutes, but if it's not happening then you have to keep plugging away.

"If you then get 40 minutes and you make some contribution to the game, then brilliant, like I have done in the last two games when I've come on and made a goal.

"Everyone knows what I'm capable of - I do as well - so when I get my chance, I'll take it.

"The manager and I haven't really spoken about why I'm not playing or when I'm going to play.

"He's picking the team and it's doing well, but I'm sure when I'm needed I'll get that first-choice nod."

Source: PA

Source: PA