Join in the fun!! On The Message Board!

Last updated : 27 January 2002 By Rob Stanway
Big thanks to 12, My new message board administrator :) (personal joke) for helping to get the message board going.

The Board is now flurishing with messages from Stoke Fans, Vale Fans, Cardiff Fans, they're all on there and its great to see some good banter.

One Strand refering to Sam Hamman, suggesting that he was firstly, from Germany, and Secondly, is batting for the other side has been removed.

Appologies to Sam Hamman if he is reading this - Like my Board disclaimer says - The Message Board holds no views of the company (FootyMAD) or editor.

Banter is fine but messages like that have to be deleted for legal reasons which I'm sure you can understand!

Keep going on the board anyway, Nice to see people are using it more and more!