White Hart Lane Review - 24/10/09

Last updated : 25 October 2009 By Dan Buxton

A traditional all seater, White Hart Lane is up there among my favourite Premier League grounds. One problem is that there are some posts still in the ground obscuring the view of the home support but, overall, it is a very tidy ground. 8/10

Opposition fans

Much more subdued than last season. Perhaps they expected to steamroller Stoke? Not many songs at all, which left me fairly surprised. 3/10


I didn't see any problems at all. In the lower tier, we stood up for the entire match and presumably it was the same in the upper. This added to the atmosphere (in my opinion). 9/10


Not much parking around and a bit slow to get away from, hence the fact the coach was used for this match! 3/10


I saw a few little parking areas- some for a fiver, but most at £10. I think you're best using public transport for WHL. 3/10


Cracking view at White Hart Lane. You are tucked away in a small corner, but when Whelan scores the winning goal right infront of you, there isn't much room for complaint!! 9/10


Seemed fair enough really. We sold out a week before the match but I'm not sure how many extra fans we would have taken if the allocatin was increased. The entire ground was a sell out so not many complaints 8/10