Villa Park - 19/12/09

Last updated : 25 December 2009 By Dan Buxton


Nice, big, well designed, old ground. Good location and has an aura about it when you walk in. 9/10

Opposition fans

Quiet until the goal was scored. With Villa flying high in the top 3, you would think the support would be vocal, especially when the side were struggling 2/10


Didn't really do much, but were never really given any problems 7/10


Just off the M6. One of the easiest grounds to get too in the league 10/10


Decent parking facilities nearby and good transport links to park and ride 7/10


Side view, which some prefer to behind the goal, and it does give a better view as you can grasp more of the play with the view. 8/10


Very good turnout for the Potters on the last weekend befroe Christmas. Crowds always dip at this time of year but City showed up in numbers and could probably have sold a good deal more 6/10