Upton Park - 27/3/10

Last updated : 31 March 2010 By Dan Buxton


Old school stadium. Closed in and with a sense of history. The stadium is quite aesthetically pleasing aswell with an originality you rarely get in modern stadia 8/10

Opposition fans

Got on the players back after what seemed like a good vocal opening. When the team needed them they went missing and that could well send them down 6/10


Police were good and stewards were quite relaxed, not too hot on and allowed a bit of banter and fun 8/10


In a built up area, its a pain to get too and from. There are worse places in London but there are better outside of the capital. Guess thats London 6/10


Not a lot around and what there is doesn't look that safe. One of the games to coach in I reckon 2/10


Shifted towards the corner wasn't the best thing we could have hoped for. Seemed to be straining to see for a lot of the game and there was those at the front who couldn't see due to the moved advertising boards 3/10


We didn't quite sell out but we had an adequate allocation for an end of season long distance away game 8/10