Turf Moor - 10/3/10

Last updated : 12 March 2010 By Dan Buxton


Real old school. The concourses are open and bloody freezing, the stands just as cold and the wooden seats not exactly comfortable, although the only time I sat down was half time 3/10

Opposition fans

Weren't as noisy as I'd imagine they'd be. They were loud when they scored but were otherwise quiet and there were boo's at half time. Their team needs them to be behind them and help get them the points needed to stay up not have a go and get on their backs. Didn't sell out either which was a shock 3/10


Police were good, directing traffic and being relaxed in their duties. Stewards were helpful and polite in directing us to the away end 9/10


In a built up area, it's not too bad to get to by car, but traffic does build up after the game and it's a fair way back to the motorway. Been to better located grounds, been to worse 5/10


Got on a decent car park. Was well signposted and we paid a fiver and got off straight away after the game although it was about a ten minute walk back and so the road traffic had built up by the time we got to the car. Didn't see too many others though 7/10


Good view. Nothing in the way, ie pillars and posts, but obviously being behind the goal does create difficulty in judging how far up the pitch the action is when at the other end 7/10


We didn't quite sell out but had it been the original game we would have, and did, sell out. Same with the hosts really they didn't sell out but surely would of for a Saturday afternoon game 9/10