The Emirates Stadium - 5/12/09

Last updated : 07 December 2009 By Dan Buxton


Great ground. Different to most modern grounds and impressive facilities throughout 9/10

Opposition fans

Marks for packing the ground out but the usual quiet showing from them. Better than last year but still not exactly a 'bear pit' atmosphere 4/10


BIt too hands on and whingy at little things like standing up. Mind you I suppose when the home fans are as silent and statuesque as they are they aren't used to rowdy behaviour 5/10


Strange for a modern ground to be built so close to a residential area and because they've used all the surrounding area you do have to walk quite a bit 6/10


Streets all around the ground and the only real way to go is to tube it in from central London or Enfield 3/10


I was situated at the back of the lower tier and the hangover of the upper tier slightly obscured my view and I lost sight of the ball over a certain height 6/10


Good following of Stoke fans with another away day sell out. So close to Xmas I doubt many more would have gone but would have been nice to have seen 8/10