Stamford Bridge - 7/3/10

Last updated : 08 March 2010 By Dan Buxton


Impressive ground. The capacity is big, without being too big and the concourses are well looked after. Looks impressive from the inside and outside 8/10

Opposition fans

Quiet as a mouse, that quiet infact I thought I was at the Emirates. Even when they scored they just stood and clapped. Glad that we showed them how to get behind a club and it would be so disappointing to get to the point where even a goal is just passed off as a minor event. At least they sold out for what is obviously an unnattractive cup tie to them 3/10


Stewards were good, controlled the masses, allowing us to sing and stand without any trouble, although confiscating Bonita and the beachballs was petty and not needed. Police were poor around the ground, very unhelping when we asked for somewhere to park 5/10


In a built up area, its in an awful place to get to or away from by car. If you didn't know it was there you could quite easily just drive past and miss it. Roads just get blocked afterwards and the ten mile drive back to the motorway is not exactly a thrilling one 3/10


Got on a massive car park right fifteen minutes from the ground. Took us an hour to find it though and there was no other car parks anywhere 2/10


Good view. The angle is a bit like St. James Park but close to the pitch and not up in the gods. Steep upper tier saw us looking down at the corner flag but we saw all of the pitch and could easily see both ends 7/10


No where near enough for us. We took 3,000 but could quite easily have took another 3,000. Even with a televised evening kick off we would have taken them so it was a bad decision by the club not to take the extra allocation. Only plus point for allocation is that Chelsea sold out 4/10