Stadium of Light - 1/2/10

Last updated : 08 February 2010 By Dan Buxton


Great ground. Surrounds are nice, impressive structure both inside and outside the stadium 9/10

Opposition Fans

Very quiet. Although the game was terrible the fans were still very quiet. Little encouragement for the players to make more effort and waited for something to happen, only it never did 5/10


Seemed to have a pre-judgement of the fans before the game started without any real justification. Didn't seem too interested in helping any Stokies in need of it 6/10


Far enough away from the motorway for big traffic queue's to develop and luckily it wasn't a full house as that could have made it even worse. A decent sized walk into town if you get to park at the ground aswell 6/10


Bits and bobs around the stadium but if you don't arrive early your left with a drive away from the ground and a long walk back to the ground 7/10


Fantastic. Just what you want when you go to a game, a seat where you can see the whole pitch without any beams, barriers or obstacles 10/10


Way more than what was needed for this game. A televised game on a cold Monday night in the North East was never going to spark a mass rush for tickets and so it showed 10/10