St. Andrews review - 22/08/09

Last updated : 24 August 2009 By Dan Buxton

Three sides of St. Andrews are pretty good, even if a bit similar to any other new ground. However, the older stand (housing the dugouts) is pretty shabby. I am lead to believe that it is a listed building though, hence the fact it hasn't been renovated.

Opposition fans-

Absolutely dreadful from the Blues fans. I was told before the match that they are sick of becoming a yo-yo club and literally don't care. I saw it for my own eyes. I barely heard a word from their lips all match.


I don't have a bad word to say about the stewards or police. Half the WM force were in operation and I felt perfectly safe. Sadly, after the match a Stokie sustained serious injuries in a pub, but I do not blame the stewards or police for that.


Just off the ring road, it's pretty easy to get to St. Andrews. We parked for free on a side street and were back home before we would have been for a match at the Britannia Stadium.


A really good view. I was in row 26 and could see everything. No pillars, no obscured views- top stuff!


Spot on. There were about 300 tickets being sold on the turnstile but the Stokies who travelled made a great noise.