Old Trafford 9/5/10

Last updated : 11 May 2010 By Dan Buxton


Its known as the 'Theatre of Dreams' as to be fair, as much as it pains me to say, it's a very impressive venue and seems to have everything a club ground needs 9/10

Opposition fans

Astonishingly quiet. Not a peep out of them which is hardly inspiring your team to a league title. Over 70,000 prawn sandwich eaters were all there 0/10


GMP were quiet by there standards but hardly gave a welcoming vibe. You coudl sense the attitude with a lot of them on the beat and there was no need whatsoever for it 5/10


Good ground to get to and from. Plenty of walkways away from the ground so no big build ups. Nice area aswell so you feel easy walking around and the Thames running alongside the stand adds a nice touch 6/10


Bits and bobs around, little car parks easily within walking distance but none around the stadium itself 6/10


Would struggle for a better view in the league. Stands are angkled right, pitch is raised and with no beams or structures in the way, can also see a scoreboard 10/10


We had enough tickets for the price and date of the game, regardless of who its against but somethings wrong when a side whose capacity is 20,000 has to give away fans 2,000 tickets yet a team with nearly four times that only has to give 1,000 more away tickets 9/10