Molineux - 11/4/10

Last updated : 12 April 2010 By Dan Buxton


Old school stadium. Looks slightly awkward but has that sense of character and if shown a picture you could tell straight away it was Molineux 8/10

Opposition fans

Early kick off left them slighty deflated and maybe a reality check is needed after they started getting on the players back through the game. No it wasn't a classic but every point counts in your first season up 5/10


Police were decent and stewards were quite relaxed. The odd disagreement was seen and without knowing too much it'd be hard to say whether it was over exhuberant supporters or nit picking coppers 7/10


Good ground to get to and from. Plenty of walkways away from the ground so no big build ups. Easily get back to city centre or plethora of car parks around the ground 8/10


Plenty of parking in and around the ground, cheap aswell. Free parking available on a retail park a short distance from the ground 9/10


Side view, running alongside touchline. One of the better views due to that fact but the lower tier, where we were housed, didn't go very far back so sometimes hard to judge whats happenning on opposite flank 8/10


We didn't quite sell out but due to the price the allocation was adequate 10/10