Matchroom Stadium review - 26/8/09

Last updated : 30 August 2009 By Dan Buxton
Orient Main Stand


Renovated recently due to the money generated from the sale of flats built in each corner of the ground. That had a nice touch and also we were housed ina  good old fashioned wooden stand. Would have completed the olde worlde experience for our stand to have been standing but for that level a very decent ground 7/10

Opposition fans

Very quiet, apart from one song just before half time. Even though it was a Carling Cup game they were playing a side two divisions below and took us to extra time. You'd expect a bit more from them 1/10


Never even noticed they were there, how it should be 10/10


In the middle of an estate, well off the motorway. Got held up in traffic due to Arsenal's Champions League game with Celtic and you'd imagine that every game there is either Arsenal or Tottenham traffic about that you have to try and get your way through. 4/10


Coaches were forced to park over half a mile away whilst permit parking around the stadium meant cars were forced to go further afield in search of parking. We were forced to park about a ten minute walk away in a side street 3/10


Side view and apart from one support beam, nothing to stop a great view of the whole pitch. 10/10


No problems with the allocation. Given 1,000 tickets but took about 600. 10/10