KC Stadium - 8/11/09

Last updated : 10 November 2009 By Dan Buxton


Very much like a standard normal modern all seater. All corners filled in so the  bowl effect keeps the noise in well and pitch is in grest condition 8/10

Opposition fans

Decent to start off with but quietened down after the early stages and mood was getting nasty when Olofinjana equalised. They got behind their team from then on in and the place erupted with the winner 7/10


I didn't see many problems at all, just the occasional steward wandering up to ask someone to sit down or stop this and that  8/10


In the park with pleasant surroundings around the ground and easy to get too 8/10


Excellent facilities within walking distance from the ground. Not the easiest to get off though and queue's build up at full time 9/10


Pretty good. Behind the goal and nothing in the way like beams etc so a clear view of the pitch 9/10


More than enough for a Sunday lunchtime kick off, for a game televised on Sky. Sold out but only just 8/10