Goodison Park Review - 4/10/09

Last updated : 05 October 2009 By Dan Buxton


Romantic! In other words old, smelly and falling apart. Seats are cramped, good job we never sat down, but to its credit its nice and enclosed too keep our noise in and its a change from all the new stadia we reguarly visit. I think the Toffee's may need a new home to progress though 4/10

Oppositon fans

Silent, didn't react to any taunting, literally the only noise they made was when they scored, and that lasted as long as a man with an ejaculation problem, about twenty seconds. They get a couple of points because they turned up in numbers 2/10


No trouble. Didn't have any problems, or even realise they were there, which is how it should be. A group of stewards who realise they are there to steward not incite 10/10


Old fashioned location in the middle of an estate. Easy to get to and away from, which cuts the waiting time down a lot. A lot of similar in town grounds are awful to get to but this is one of the better in that group 8/10


Expensive, but effective. Car park next to the ground charges a tenner and pack you in like sardines. We paid £8, about 250 yards from the ground, and were off within twenty minutes of the final whistle, and we were one of the last ones off. No street parking around the ground as all permit holders only 7/10


Pillar blocks part of your view, there that wide Yakubu managed to fully hide behind one, and would be better behind the goal. Barring the pillars you can just about see the whole pitch 6/10


Enough. We didn't sell out, cost and Sunday kick off probably big factors, but still a healthy following 10/10