Fratton Park - 20/2/10

Last updated : 22 February 2010 By Dan Buxton


You will have one of two opinions, either a shambolic mess not fit to grace the best league in the world or a nostalgic trip to years gone by. I'm in the latter and love the bread and butter look about a ground that has had to be redeveloped to meet PL guidelines. Unfortunately the ground may be a major reason for Portsmouth's current financial plight 7/10 

Opposition fans

Seemed angry, understandebly so I suppose, and seemed to have given up at the end, they were quiet throughout bar a few songs every once in a while. Must be hard for them with all thats going on. Didn't sell out either which is disappointing for what could be there final ever home game 5/10


Encountered a real mouthy steward coming in and a few sarcastic ones by the turnstiles when we asked why we couldn't go in but had to walk all the way around, to which he replied to a mate 'look at your face, thats why!'. Inside they were ok until we scored when a steward puhed me time and again whe Diao scored even though I wasn't right at the front and not making any effort to get further forward 2/10


In a built up area, its a bit further from the motorway than most modern grounds, but thats just it, it isn't a modern ground. Queued for a while trying to get in as the roads got overwhelmed but been to worse 5/10


Got on a massive car park right next to the ground for a fiver and then got straight off at the final whistle no trouble. No problems there 10/10


A few pillars in the way, enough for at least one to block some of the pitch no matter where you sit, but the angle of the stand meant that bar the gront few rows you had a good view of the other end of the pitch 6/10


Enough for us all to fit in but you'd have to think that without a televised evening kick off we would have required a lot more, and probably not got them 8/10