Ewood Park - 28/11/09

Last updated : 01 December 2009 By Dan Buxton


Olde worlde ground that is a refreshing change from the Reebok's etc of the world that all look pretty similar 7/10

Opposition fans

Quiet, very quiet but a decent turnout for them 4/10


Good job. Didn't notice them much apaprt from one incident where a Stopke fan got kicked out but the circumstances are unknown 8/10


Not the hardest ground to get to. Decent surroundings and easy roads in and out 8/10


A few parking spaces nearby. Decent for a top flight ground 7/10


Not bad at all. Pitch is almost totally viewable from most of the away end 8/10


Sold out but late on and probably could have took a few more 8/10