DW Stadium - 9/2/10

Last updated : 11 February 2010 By Dan Buxton


Very much like a standard normal modern all seater. Pitch is terrible though and nothing really special 6/10

Opposition fans

Made a tiny bit of noise when they scored but were otherwise quiet and crowd was terribly low for a Premier League game 2/10


I didn't see any problems at all, all very polite and allowed the Stoke fans to stand and sing without problem 9/10


Hard to get to due to the one road in, one road out for Wigan but for a night game the ASDA provides good parking facilities and there are other shops around for snacks or to kill time before kick off 7/10


For a night game the retail park provides great parking facilities. However, if it was a weekend game, when the shops would be busy and the stores stricter, the parking would be a pain as there is very little around thats authorised 5/10


Pretty good. Behind the goal and nothing in the way like beams etc so a clear view of the pitch 9/10


We took a good following for a midweek game but didn;t quite sell out 10/10