City of Manchester Stadium - 26/12/09

Last updated : 27 December 2009 By Dan Buxton


Modern and quite unique. Facilities are not notch but you are quite a way from the pitch so don't get the atmosphere 8/10

Opposition fans

Maybe its the aforementioned distance from the pitch, or maybe its the hanger ons they must now have with all the money but they turned quite quickly and seemed to just think they could turn up and destroy us. Just boo and unrest until they scored 5/10


Were a bit too in your face at times and seemed to be patrolling a bit like they were looking for trouble at times 6/10


Near a main road but quite a way from any motorway or town centre 7/10


A few areas where parking is available around the ground but nowhere near enough. If you want a parking space badly enough you get there early 6/10


Like most new grounds a good view from near enough anywhere and the away end has a cracking view, can see 90% of the pitch clearly 9/10


The allocation given was the Premier League allocated amount for visiting supporters and although we sold out you can't really ask for much more. They sold out before kick off to justify the lack of extra tickets 9/10