Away Day Review: Dynamo Kiev(15/9/11)

Last updated : 19 September 2011 By drews1f


We travelled Aberdeen, Gatwick, Riga and then on to Kiev. We were collected at the airport by two Dynamo fans - Den & Igor. They sorted us out the whole trip - took us for breakfast, to change money at the best rate in the city, to play 6 a side football with other dynamo fans, to the game and then ultimately out of a night I will never forget. 9/10


I didn't know what to expect and in the end it was a bit of a matchbox. Very picturesque though as their ultras section seemed to enter the ground directly from the woods up to our right. Facilities were very basic - portaloos! 6/10


I must admit - having been to Split I was expecting more! The walk up to the stadium was electric - police lining the street but when we got in it was OK! The ultras made some decent noise but it was nothing like Split. 7/10

Pies and Pints

There was a limited selection of food - a few baguettes and crisps. Non alcoholic ale. 3/10

Performance and Result

1992 was the last time Dynamo were beaten at home in that competition. Yes, we maybe rode our luck at times but on another day we would have held out for the 3 points. Very proud potter. 8/10