Away Day Review - Wembley - 14/5/11

Last updated : 15 May 2011 By Dan Buxton


Very little traffic at all as we went the M6/M42M40 route and had a pretty clear run afterwards, one about two or so miles from the ground 10/10


Drove to the ground then decided to drive outwards looking for parking. Came across a bloke selling the space outside his house for 15 notes, only 200 yards from the ground! A great find and 15 quid isn't bad for Wembley, unfortunately 9/10


There was a tense yet friendly atmosphere throughout the day and fans from both sides seemed to be getting on very well together. The way the Potters faithful stayed behind after the game was a credit to our club and we encountered a few Blues fans afterwards who were all friendly and spoke well of us 9/10

Pies & Pints

Extortionate prices inside the ground but good, cheaper drinks at the pubs around the ground, whilst plenty of food on sale at different places around the ground 6/10

Performance & Result

Although we never really got going, barring Pennant and Sorensen, the effort was there for all to see and, on another day, we could well have scored the opener and gone on to win. Gutted to lose the game but proud to have reached the final 6/10