Away Day Review - Upton Park - 5/3/11

Last updated : 08 March 2011 By Dan Buxton


Total grid lock on all roads leading to West Ham. 1 mile in 1 hour - just got there in time. Was even worse getting out 0/10


Pure luck that found a nice little side street with free parking with only a 10 min walk due to having to divert from normal route due to gridlock 10/10


There was a horrible under current even before kick off and outside. Team news didnt help inside the ground. After first 15 mins it started going down hill and it was a mixture of trying to support the team, interrupted more and more by some very angry Stokies and even more worrying, some very quiet, despondent Stokies 3/10

Pies & Pints

Prices were staggering s was the crush at half time 3/10

Performance & Result

We got what we deserved. Much has already been written on this, but I will summarise my view by saying that was relegation form, pure and simple 0/10