Away Day Review - The Hawthornes - 20/11/10

Last updated : 28 November 2010 By Dan Buxton

The motorways were clear and the A-roads equally empty one the way and once we got away from the ground on the way back we were flying again 8/10 
Not much at the ground but we managed to park on an estate about a ten to fifteen minute walk from the away end and so for free you don't mind walking a bit further 8/10 
The atmosphere started well but died a little as the first half wore on, probably due to the standard of footy going on in front of us. Second half it picked up again and there was some good banter exchanged between the sides 8/10 
Pie and pints 
The McDonalds across the road from the ground was bus as ever so we walked through the drive through to get served, great idea from them for a matchday, inside the ground heard a few complaints about the food and drink 6/10 
Performance and result 
The first half was terrible from both sides but we played some great stuff in the second period and also defended well at the other end. To win 3-0, my biggest away win in 68 away games with Stoke, was a fantastic result  8/10