Away Day Review - Stadium of Light - 6/11/10

Last updated : 08 November 2010 By Dan Buxton

Not too bad on the way up but blindingly good on the trek home. I was dropping a mate off in Tunstall at 8pm! 
Once again we parked on the University which is about a 15 minute walk to the ground (via the pub.) ’1.50 to park and great for getting away. 9/10 
Given there was only about 1,000 of us I thought the vocal support was excellent with a special mention of the superb 'oh when the reds' during the second half. 8/10 
Pie and pints 
We went to our 'usual' in Sunderland which is The Lambton Worm. Good pub and as the lads who were drinking found, it was pretty cheap at ’1.85 for a 'King Goblin'!! As for food the approach to the ground is awash with burger vans, we plumped for an ok-ish hot dog but I suppose at ’1.50 you can't expect too much! 
Performance and result 
We started really well but the first goal knocked us for six and the Mackems dominated the rest of the half. During the second period Stoke had a real go and put our hosts under some serious pressure. Obviously the game was ruined by yet another idiot of an official. Thanks very much Mr. Atkinson!