Away Day Review - St. Andrews - 12/2/11

Last updated : 13 February 2011 By Dan Buxton
Just down the motorway, not too much traffic, not bad - although I didn't drive, I was squashed in a back seat and was too busy looking for yellow cars to notice any major problems with the traffic. 8/10


Parked just down the road on a side street. Brill. 9/10


Their fans were very quiet, ours made a bit of noise, but not fantastic. 6/10

Pies & Pints

I didn't have a pie - went McDonalds first - no strawberry milkshake, so I had a banana, it was way too bananary, a very dark colour, not good.
Had a pint, bog standard cold lager, did the job, cost £3.20 I think 6/10

Performance & Result
I didn't think we played that badly but we were not by any means 'good'. However, they were the home team and we were just as attacking/ in control as them.
Very dissapointed with the last minute goal, would have liked to have seen Ric earlier. 5/10