Away Day Review - Molineux - 30/1/11

Last updated : 30 January 2011 By Dan Buxton


There were no problems at all as we went, via car, to the game and hit no traffic at all as we went right past the stadium to get parked up and then had no problems on the way home either



We found a spot by the university, around 5 minutes walk from the ground, and managed to get the last available spot. So no fee and then when we got back we were able to just get in the car and drive away, no queue's, so couldn't ask for much more


Food and Drink

Wolves again decided not to provide beer on match day, A pint before the game and/or at half time is part and parcel of many a football fans day out, and once again a football club has hailed all Stoke fans as trouble making, larger drinking hooligan louts and have refused to what many believe a sociable match day drink with friends.

Food wise there was a few overpriced items, £4.20 for a hot dog for example, but the burger van outside had burgers and hot dogs available for around £2.50, much more reasonable and quite nice aswell, which always helps



We were situated in the bottom right hand corner of the stand and were around the few fans who were up for a bit of banter and trying to get a few songs going. Had a good bit of banter with a 'large' Wolves fan who seemed to get comically irate at every opportunity.

Very little songs though about one every ten minutes


Performance & Result

Not a great game but we came through thanks to Robert Huth and Thomas Sorensen.

We had the better chances but Sorro had pulled off a handful of great stops before his injury time penalty save whilst Huth showed his team mates how to finish by nodding in with 9 minutes left