Away Day Review - Molineux - 14/8/10

Last updated : 24 August 2010 By Dan Buxton



The travel to wolves is always a favourite for many a Stoke fan. It’s normally a quick and easy 30mile trip down the M6.  This season it was no different, for the first time in a few seasons car was my preferred method of transport and it was a very wise choice – No problems with traffic at all.  Although after speaking to fans on various supporters coaches I heard of poor escorts to and from the ground and they were drove straight into the thick of traffic





I was very disappointed with the limited amount of parking at wolves, although there was an Asda and a small retail park right next to the ground that offered free parking., the amount of secure car parks around seemed pretty limited. Personally I'd always use a secure matchday parking venue, purely for the fact I didn’t want a ticket, would rather pay the £5 charge to park on a car park than receive a £70 fine. 



Food and Drink


I’ve visited many grounds over the years of following Stoke and have never been so appalled by the quality of service on Saturday.  Around 20minutes before kick-off both food kiosks had run out of pies and only one kiosk could offer an alternative. The alternative was an undercooked, overpriced hot-dog at £4.00.  We were assured that they would have another stock of pies, hot-dogs and burgers at half time.  I got to the kiosks just before the half time and whistle and both Kiosks had run out of hot food.  It’s shocking for a club like Wolves not to be able to cater for a full away end on the first game of the season.  Although after listening to praise and grumble on the way home, it seems like I dodged a bullet my being unable to get a pie.   They were described as been “awful” and “the worst I’ve ever tasted.”   One supporter even suggested that they were last year’s stock.  On another note, again Wolves decided not to provide beer on match day, A pint before the game and/or at half time is part and parcel of many a football fans day out, and once again a football club has hailed all Stoke fans as trouble making, larger drinking hooligan louts and have refused to what many believe a sociable match day drink with friends




I was disappointed with the Stoke fans against Wolves, especially as it was a local derby and the first game of the new season.  I understand that it is hard to get any kind of atmosphere and get  a song going with supporters been so far spread out, but for not even one proper loud Delilah to be sung is disappointing.  I think that the injury to Jones also played a part in the atmosphere been so poor, as soon as Kenwyne went off, the players heads dropped, as did their performance.  The poor performance along with the disappointment with Jones’ injury left us supporters feeling drained and de-motivated.  At half time, I thought that Tony would have given the player a good talking to and geared them up for the second half.  I expected Stoke to come out all guns blazing and this to lift the crowd.  It didn’t happen and even after we scored the atmosphere was still at an all-time low.  In all the years of supporting Stoke I have never seen a goal celebrated with so little enthusiasm (and I’m including friendlies in that)




After a bright start, things soon took a turn for the worse once Jones limped off injured.  Both the players and fans were left deflated and de motivated and this showed in the players’ performance.  The players gave nothing for the fans to shout about and likewise the fans gave no encouragement towards the players.   Apart from the short spell we saw Jones in no player shone for me and I was disappointed with what we saw.  I feel that the lack of challenges in pre-season affected greatly in last Saturdays game.