Away Day Review - Goodison Park - 30/10/10

Last updated : 03 November 2010 By Dan Buxton
Easy one for me really as I live in Liverpool city centre. Met the lads in the pub and got a taxi to the Thomas Frost wetherspoons for a fiver (Bargain). 10/10

Did not reply however there are a fair few shops around with big car parks and plenty of off street parking in Walton if you look for it you will find it. 9/10

A good following by Stoke and a constant noise from our end. Everton have been quiet now for 3 seasons and with that crowd I don't understand why. I spoke to a mate who said 'it's only Stoke mate, we don't get too excited' understandable I suppose. The stand we were in (at the back of the middle tier-wooden) made for good atmosphere however it was bloody hot under there. 7/10

Pies and Pints
Saw the sign for Chang beer at 2.20 a bottle and thought we had hit the jackpot. Got to the front and saw it was Fosters only and at 3 quid a bottle too for something that is 1% under the volume of Chang so was dissapointed at that. The only positive was that the Fosters was ice cold and went down a treat. Went to get a pie and another beer at half time however by time I had queued the shutters were down ad the old bill were covered in most of the beer that had been bought at half time. 3/10

Performance and Result
A good game in my opinion, We played some nice football at times however Matty looked lost coming forward. Abdolaye had a good game bar their goal. Everton's quick passing and Nevilles distribution stood out, they attack with numbers and pace and consequently score goals. Tucay's goal was a goal so obviously it should of finished 1-1, was that deserved? Yes. Although we did not create that many oppurtunities I still think 1-1 was a fair shout at the end of the day. 7/10