Away day Review - DW Stadium - 4/12/10

Last updated : 19 January 2011 By Dan Buxton

Flew up the motorway, so much so that we went too far and had to turn around at J27!!! Encountered a bit of traffic in and round the ground both parking up and getting away but used J26 instead of J25 both times and found no queues 8/10 
Parked at the pub, two or three minutes walk from the ground, for free. Only downpoint was it took a while to get off afterwards but you can't have everything 9/10 
The away support did all they could to spur their side on, but its not the easiest thing to do when their is no home support, both vocally and in terms of numbers there 7/10 
Pie and pints 
The pub was friendly, full of away fans, less than five minutes from the ground and, as the driver, I'm assured the beer was good, and it did serve food. Pie's inside the ground were top notch and there was plenty of fast food around the ground 10/10 
Performance and result 
An end to end game that lacked real quality but had plenty of chances. Bit disappointed with defensive gameplan late on but another point added 7/10