Away Day Review - Craven Cottage - 22/1/11

Last updated : 23 January 2011 By Dan Buxton


We once again took the slow "rattler" from Stoke station to Euston and then got the tube into Putney Bridge. The train fare is a snip at £15.50 but it does take a painful 3 hours to get into London followed by a good 45 minutes more (and a further £6.60) on the underground.



People say that Craven Cottage is a picturesque, traditional ground but I assume those people have never been into the away enclosure! How Fulham can charge £35 for us to sit in a temporary stand (because that's what it is really) is a pretty shoddy in truth. I don't imagine we charge their 150 away fans that much when they visit the Brit. 



Decent early backing for the lads which continued a while after they scored their first goal. It did become increasingly evident that we were not going to get anything though as the lads out on the pitch were not on their game at all. Obviously the atmosphere died as the woeful display went on.


Pies and Pints

We went back to the Eight Bells again which is the usual haunt for Stokies visiting Fulham. We think Stella was about £3.80 a pint (the junior in our midst was on half a Coke) so it was making for a very expensive round (inevitably the song went up "London's expensive, I wanna go home.")
As for food, I sampled one of the Craven Cottage hot dogs which was alright in fairness but then it should be for nearly four quid!

Performance and Result

There's no getting away from it, the Stoke performance was absolutely dire and made many a Stokie very unhappy. Most Potter's fans must have parted with around £80+ on the day to watch that drivel and without going overboard if it was possible, I'd have had them all in next day and running up a bloody steep hill!