Anfield review - 19/8/09

Last updated : 21 August 2009 By Dan Buxton

 Anfield has history and as you walk past the famous Shankley gates, you realise what is in store. The Hillsborough memorial is a poignant reminder of that dark day where 96 fans lost their lives. Inside, the ground has retained it's character but, with it selling out every week, I'm not sure how long it will be around.

Opposition fans

 Belting out "You'll Never Walk Alone", I thought we were in for one of those special atmospheric nights you hear everyone talk about. It remained for four minutes. As soon as Torres scored, the noise died. For the remaining 86 minutes (plus injury time) the home support were awful.


 Can't say I had any problems with them and they allowed a few elderly people (who couldn't see because everyone was stood up) to move seats.


 If you get to the ground early enough, then you are able to street park about 10 minutes away from the ground. Failing that, you're lumbered with paying about £8 on a makeshift carpark.


 My view was fine, but if you are too far back you either get stuck behind a pillar, or your view is obscured by the overhang of the above stand.


 Bearing in mind the allocation wasn't sold out (£36 a ticket) then the number of tickets we received (2,500?!) was fine. Last season, the scramble for tickets saw us sell out very quickly. I feel that the fact we failed to sell out will be an indication of our away support for the coming months.