5-a-side Season One Fixtures

Fenton Manor Sports Complex 5-a-side Leagues, Division 2 fixtures

6th January, v PSV Hangover, 2-3, Cope(2)

13th January, v Allstars, 1-7, Cope

20th January, v Allstars(cup game), 0-4

27th January, v The Young Ones, 1-4, Newman

3rd February, v Vacancy , 4-0(walkover)

10th February, v Inter(cup game), 2-6 Newman(2)

17th February, v Pathetic Athletic, 3-2 Newman(3)

24th February, v The Red Arrows, 4-0(walkover)

3rd March, v Old Mill(cup game), 3-4 Newman(2), Hallam


24th March, v Eaton Park, 3-5 Newman, Cope, Hallam

31st March, PSV Hangover, 1-1(ko changed without notice - draw awarded)

31st March, The Red Arrows(friendly), 4-4 Hallam, McEvoy, Carter, Cope(P)

7th April, v Abbey Hulton United(cup game), 1-3 Cope

14th April, v Allstars, 4-0(walkover)

21st April, v The Young Ones, 4-0(walkover)

28th April, Eaton Park(cup game), 2-6 Hallam, Cope(P)

5th May, Vacancy, 4-0(walkover)

12th May, Pathetic Athletic, 2-3 Newman, Cope

19th May, v Lost Boys(cup game), 0-11

26th May, v The Red Arrows, 3-8 Newman(2), Cope

2nd June, v Take Over Target(cup game), 2-4 Hallam(2)

9th June, v Eaton Park, 3-1 Cope, Peart, Hallam