Loanee's round up 4/9/09-5/9/09

Last updated : 05 September 2009 By Dan Buxton

Ben Marshall

Marshall scored his second goal for Northampton to give them a first half lead but the second half saw Barnet strike three time to run out 3-1 winners at Sixfields.

Although Marshall was involved in everything the Cobblers did, he was perceived to be a little greedy at times and also had what was widely considered his worst performance for Northampton, yet many still rated him the Cobblers best player in a terrible team display.

Here are a few quotes from 'The Hotel End' message board, which rated Marshall performance at 6.27/10:

abingtoncobbler 'Tonights game was Marshalls worse game so far by far but what happens when Marshalls 3 month loan is up because we could never afford to sign anyone of his quality'

parklandscobbler69 'For a wide player he got dragged in to the middle of the midfield to often for me,but that said he did have a half decent game as was said earlier in the thread one of our better players on the night,but my mum could`ve played better than most of them did last night!!!!!'

bigcitylights 'Marshall was pretty disappointing tonight. He was one of the 'better' players but that doesn't say a lot when the others were diabolical. Scored a goal (heavily deflected) but managed to squander any other chances put in his direction. Seemed to get frustrated at the lack of ability around him and found himself shooting from ridiculous ranges/angles most of the time'

Drilling_Cobbler 'I thought he was EASILY our best player'

Ralap 'I agree he was easily the best player'

Alton 'I thought he was rather dragged down to our level today. Although he was the only one to show any spirit directly after the 3rd goal debacle, rather than whingeing at each other.'

Hotel Ender 'He actually tried to show some genuine initiative after Barnet' first goal.
The entire Barnet team, goalie excepted, were congratulating the scorer inside their own half, by the dugout. Marshall tried to get Cobblers players interested in taking a quick kick off while the celebrations were still going on - but none of our lot were interested.

OK the ref might not have allowed it to proceed - but top marks for quick thinking'

Danzelle St.Louis-Hamilton

Danzelle produced another steady, solid display as Vauxhall Motors drew 0-0 at home to Gloucester. St.Louis-Hamilton didn't have a lot to do but di what he ahd too well and is fast becoming a fans favourite

The official Vauxhall Motors Facebook page commented on his display 'Playing really well, deserved clean sheet today, safe hands again, can we keep him?!!'

Motormen supporter Graham Joines had this to say 'Hamilton played really well but he didnt have much to do. He needed to make one good save and he did it perfectly, other than that he just had to catch a few crosses coming in'