Loanee round up - 10/10/09-11/10/09

Last updated : 12 October 2009 By Dan Buxton
Ben Marshall

Had a disappointing game on the wing as the Cobblers shared four goals, yet again, with Bury. It was the second league game running that Northampton have come back from two goals down to claim a point.

Marshall has played more than any other Northampton player this season and the 18-year-old may now be feeling the pace of the professional game.

Below are a few comments off the Hotel End message board, who rated Marshall a 5.45

Power football 'Needs a rest i reckon. I think he's propably played more minutes than anyone else for us this season and i think its started to show. It's easy to forget he's only 18'

trops 'he looked tired and towards the end looked a bit dis-interested and was rightly subbed. When he did get on the ball he made a few decent runs, although once or twice probably should have played a pass a bit earlier. All in all a pretty average game'

TheBigPicture 'He played with his legs and in a running forwards motion, occasionally used his feet (mostly his right foot) to control the ball in order to make a passage in direction of a chosen target. When it came to aerial height, he indeed utilised mainly his forehead to propel the ball forward but occasionally found his lack of height to be a disadvantage - In summary his work with the ball didnt always go in the direction that was desired. 6/10'

auntie 'off the boil at the moment. looks knackered. but, whenever he gets the ball...6.'

SteveRiches 'Goes mainly in straight lines, can run fast, but his end product with the ball is generally to give it away. Hardly got any decent ball into where it is needed. Can run quite fast but that's mostly all he has, and when the defender can run as fast as he can then Ben just runs the ball into a dead corner then loses it. I'm sure that someone who knows a bit about coaching could spend a few hours with him and develop a few tricks that would make him more than one-dimensional.'

Danzelle St.Louis-Hamilton

Made his second appearance in the FA Cup as the Motormen crashed out 3-2 away to Fleetwood, despite taking a 2-0 lead.

St.Louis-Hamilton had no chance with the first two goals, both hit from the egde of the box through a crowd of players, and saw his defence leave a striker unmarked at the back post for the winner with just eight minutes remaining.

The keeper had kept his side in the game throughout as he made numerous saves yet again as the hosts, and high fliers in the Blue Sq North, pressed for a victory.

The City academy graduate cannot play in any FA Cup games the Potters have this season and will be hoping that he can help the Motormen climb out of the relegation zone in the Blue SQ North, although reports suggest he is by far the standout performer for the Motormen this term and he couldn;t really do any more than he is.