Loanee Round Up 14/9/10

Last updated : 15 September 2010 By Dan Buxton

Ibrahima Sonko

Had a shocking game as Portsmouth lost 4-1 away at Crystal Palace. He, along with Dickinson and Ashdown, are apparently the three players stoppiong Pompey being a top half side, according to people on PompeyMAD.

The Guardian had the following in its match report

"The key man, though, was Ibrahima Sonko, who brings to mind Djimi Traoré on a bad day – a botched clearance on jelly legs. Sonko appears to have an uncontrollable urge to give away the ball, a goal, the game.

All the arguing about Palace's second goal, which came when Pompey looked far more likely to score, missed the point. Maybe it was offside, maybe Jamie Ashdown was at fault, but Palace shouldn't have had the ball in the first place. Sonko, who not for the first time had gone forward for a long throw that never happened, needlessly lost possession near the halfway line.

Game over. It was he who scored the own goal in the cup tie, and the way he grins after a bad mistake adds to his entertainment value, except to Pompey fans.

In the first half, Sonko was lucky not to give away a goal when Vaughan dispossessed him just outside the penalty area, and how he conceded a corner when he had a four-yard start on his man only he will know. His thought processes seem to be as wayward as his ball control.

Sonko is apparently a classically trained pianist. It's easy to picture him grinning away while he runs through the Charlie Chaplin film scores. I'd love to hear from fans of Reading, Stoke and Hull: has he been like this for a while, since his 2006 injury perhaps? If Pompey carry on in this vein they will be adrift by October, as they were in the Premier League last season.

And the waterfall? There was a torrential early downpour and all the rain sluiced down the middle of the main stand roof. There were no spectators beneath it but, like Ibrahima Sonko, it was truly spectacular."

Carl Dickinson

Had another bad game as Pompey were beaten 4-1 at Crystal Palace. He is one of three players, along with Sonko and Ashdown, who according to the posters on PompeyMAD, are stopping Pompey being a top half side.

One poster stated Dicko is the worst player to play for Pompey in years.

Diego Arismendi

Scored the crucial third goal for Barnsley as they beat Leeds 5-2 at Oakwell. Arismendi latched onto a loose ball, after a corner was punched to the far side of the penalty area by the keeper, and half volleyed the ball into the net, first time, from a near impossible angle.

The Uruguayan midfielder wasn't completely back to his best in the midfield, that was left for Hamill, but he was a lot better than the weekend and was, on average, rated 8.5 out of 10 by the posters on TykesMAD.